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Fire protection



All hired security workers at your facility will have completed training in fire protection (several months of training in fire protection is carried out as part of the MUP fire brigade). We can install a complete system for fire protection of the building, according to the existing project documentation, or in agreement with you and in accordance with your needs.

After the construction of the complete system against the fire protection of the building, project documentation is prepared with a precise scheme of the installation and all elements of the system as a factual state of the completed works.

Perfect Company accepts responsibility for the property it keeps and is responsible for damage caused by the direct fault or omission of its employees. The technical service is available 24 hours a day - The possibility of connecting to the Internet, so that you know what is happening with your property at any time and in any place. All accompanying equipment that is installed is state-of-the-art and manufactured by renowned global manufacturers.